Global Challenges for European Development Cooperation in 2015 and Beyond – The Latvian Perspective

This conference was organised in the framework of the EYD2015 by the European Network of Political Foundations /ENoP/ together with its Latvian member organisations Freedom & Solidarity. It aims at bringing in the Latvian perspective on EU Development Cooperation and discussing the challenges linked to it together with Latvian experts and civil society representatives.

The speakers elaborated recommendations linked to the development policies:

  • EU Member states must show more attention to fair trade, actions of their national private companies investing in Africa and taxes regulations.
  • They must focus on promoting education as well as supporting small local NGOs.
  • In the post2015 the aid must be transparent and inclusive therefore new indicators to asses how the ODA is spent must be created.
  • In regards to migration, there is a need to educate people in order to make them understand that they are not a threat to their culture or society.
  • The EU member states should also invest in decent employment opportunities in the countries of origin.