Night Owl Session – Creating a Resilient and Inclusive Future



Gender and Climate Change are two critical areas facing the planet. In a democracy, how can we address these concerns in an inclusive manner to create resilient systems. Women are not only resources that can be counted on but also agents of stability if provided the right platform. Yet most often they are left out of the planning process and leadership. By making the linkages we can help policy makers think through these complex problems in a holistic manner and put gender on the agenda.

Date – 2 September
Night Owl Session from 22.00 – 00.00 hrs
Venue: Grand Hotel Toplice, Lake Lounge
• Ms Cecilia Barja, Community Organizer and Writer, Bolivia
• Ms ElsaMarie DSilva, Founder and CEO, Red Dot Foundation, India
• Ms Elizabeth Maloba, Change and Growth Facilitator and EAC Member, Global Diplomacy Lab,
• Ms Badria Zeino Mahmalat, Project Manager, Get involved!, Morocco
• Young BSF Representative: Ms Lilla Judit Bartuszek, Relations Officer, V4SDG, Hungary
• Young BSF Representative: Mr Ivan Nikolovski, Junior Researcher, Institute for Democracy
“Societas Civilis”, North Macedonia
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