Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development and the European Green Deal


This event highlighted the key processes for the delivery of the 2030 Agenda under the Slovenian Presidency, demonstrating Slovenia’s commitment to sustainability and development cooperation under the Slovenian EU Presidency:

  • By raising awareness of the SDGs, EU Green Deal and Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development
  • By examining political processes and structures
  • By sharing the knowledge and capacity building of the local actors and ENoP members
  • By highlighting best practices, challenges and solutions
  • By influencing the priorities of the Slovenian EU Presidency with the focus on sustainability

The event explored and highlighted the use of frameworks and tools of Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development within the context of the EU Green Deal to deliver on the SDGs. It brought together a wide range of stakeholders in a truly collaborative and constructive way to deliver on our 2030 Agenda and SDGs commitments at EU and local levels.