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2019 European Parliament Election and the future of Europe. The importance of participation – Paphos, Cyprus

In view of the 2019 European Parliament elections, the discussion about the Future of Europe is becoming more topical and higher to the public debate and agenda. In one of the largest democratic events in the world, over 413 million European citizens will have the opportunity to influence the future direction of the EU, while the European project faces important challenges. Citizens’ participation is considered a key factor of political equality in the EU and can prove impetus for Europe, in shaping the political priorities for the next 5 years and providing a more inclusive and positive future.

In this context, ENoP’s working group on The Future of Europe is organising a debate on 2019 European Parliament Elections and will aim at exploring the importance of citizen participation.

Prior to the debate, the working group will also hold a meeting in the afternoon to deliberate in-depth about this topic.

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