ENoP Statement on International Day of Democracy 2022

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“Democracy support is a core action of political foundations. We see our role as bridge-builders between civil society and political actors, helping to overcome polarization and offering a platform for political dialogue that is increasingly important today, in an evolving geopolitical environment.

Despite the variety of political affiliations, what unites us, are the common democratic values, and we trust that human rights can only be protected in a functioning democratic environment.

Therefore, through long-standing collaboration with local partners in over 120 countries, and through building relations of trust, we create a sustainable approach towards homegrown democracy-building and contribute to conflict prevention.

The European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP), that brings together 53 political foundations from the EU and the UK, serves as a cross-party and cross-country hub that helps us give a stronger and more united voice to democracy actors worldwide.

In this year’s edition of the International Day of Democracy, ENoP will focus on Hybrid threats to democracy. Our session will expose some of the new methods that non-democratic actors use against democracies and will offer the perspective of political foundations on how to counteract these.”

Denis Schrey

Network Coordinator, European Network of Political Foundations