European Network of Political Foundations:

independent actors in democracy support, development cooperation and political dialogue

Established in 2006, ENoP serves as a dialogue platform between the political foundations in the European Union, their local partners in over 100 countries around the world, the EU institutions and civil society organizations active in the fields of democracy, sustainable development and political dialogue. It builds a bridge between these actors, enhances their cooperation and helps them reach viable political solutions. ​


safeguarding and enhancing democracy

We perceive this as a core European value and a precondition for the protection of human rights, for a thriving enabling environment for CSOs and political pluralism. We raise awareness and work on the effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laid out in the Agenda 2030, both internationally as well as on member state level.

promoting and strengthening the role of political foundations across the European Union

Political foundations are close to political parties in their ideological affiliation, but independent financially and activity-wise from the parties. This allows them higher flexibility and enables them to work closely both with civil society and political actors.

facilitating a debate on the legal framework for political foundations across the EU member states

This would strengthen the recognition and support to political foundations and their work.

working with political parties

Political parties are an essential part of functioning democracies, as they translate the needs and opinions of the citizens into policies. Therefore, working with political parties to help them improve their internal democratic processes and link them better to citizens, is crucial. Through its political pluralism, ENoP can work across the ideological spectrum and assist political parties in the above-mentioned missions.



April 2019 – ongoing

The objective is to further develop ENoP network and ENoP member organisations to be recognized and able to shape the policy processes not only on EU but also on member states level and internationally as an important actor in development cooperation and democracy support.​

Get Involved! Women empowerment in Morocco and Benin​

2018 – onging

The objective is to contribute to strengthening representative democracy and political pluralism in the two countries through working with political parties. Furthermore, it strived to contribute to a more favorable cultural and legal environment as well as inclusive structures leading to a higher involvement and influence of women in the political parties in Benin and Morocco. ​

Strengthening internal and external communication and cooperation of Political Foundations

2009 – 2012

The objective was the integration of political education for adults into the development concept of the EU and the training and involvement of young and small member organisation in consultation processes and development projects. ​

Building a bridge towards socio-political stakeholders for an effective EU development assistance

2012 – 2014

The objective was to enhance the participation and contribution to EU consultation processes, solidifying the expertise of ENoP members in development policy areas and facilitating exchange among them for a structured dialogue. ​