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Civic Education Development Center (CREO) is an independent non-governmental and non-profit organization. CREO was established in July 2006 by members and supporters of the Civic Platform Party. Its main objectives is to protect the principles of democracy and freedom, spread the idea of civil society and help people to understand public affairs. CREO also tries to promote active participation of citizens in social, political and economic life.

The main area of CREO’s activity is organizing training courses, both for youth and senior political leaders, developing international cooperation with similar organizations and publishing articles, analyses and documents mostly for the Civic Platform purposes.

Recent events organized by CREO were for example organizing Summer Camp in cooperation with Young Democrats Association – Civic Platform youth organization, organizing discussions within the framework of CREO Club or organizing elections observations for the Civic Platform members. In cooperation with European Institute for Democracy CREO makes presentations on campaigns and running a political party for East European politics having a studio visit in Poland. One of the materials prepared was an proposal how Civic Platform party structure should function or how to run a successful political campaign.

CREO is a member of European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP) and European Ideas Network. Our activity is constantly supported by the CREO Patronage Council gathering such personage as Donald Tusk, Polish Prime Minister and Chairman of the Civic Platform Party, Sławomir Nowak, Secretary of State, Chief of Political Cabinet of the Prime Minister, Krzysztof Lisek, Member of the Parliament and Chairman of the International Affairs Committee, Janusz Lewandowski, member of the European Parliament, Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Budgets and prof. Anna Zielińska-Głębocka, Head of the Department of European Integration Economics at the University of Gdańsk, Member of the Parliament.

Currently CREO’s Chairman of the Board is Agnieszka Pomaska.