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The Gabriel Péri Foundation was set up in the initiative of the French Communist Party in July 22nd, 2004. It is recognized to be in the Public interests.

PCF has based the creation of this Foundation on two main ideas:

  • The need for a structure, out of any instrumentation, able to work at the understanding of the recent History and in particular the labour history movement and the communist in France, for a better appreciation of the future ;
  • The need for a meeting space in which to compare and support the emergence of reflections, useful proposals for the construction of Europe and a world of democracy and social progress.

A political foundation is the structure, which corresponds best with these requirements. Its independence will allow an open reflection to all, and will not run up against partisan logic.
The Gabriel Peri Foundation gives itself these ambitions of rigour in the scientific exploitation of the files, open-minded meetings which are organized, and especially useful, to all those who are interested in the fight for human emancipation.