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Objectives of the Foundation for a Civic Hungary

Hungary and the Hungarians, as so many times during history, are at the crossroads again. Individual, community, moral, economic and political decisions of the following years will determine whether, in line with our national interests, we will be capable of building a country and a community in the Carpathian Basin and in Europe, which:

  • commands a strong and solid national identity on the basis of historical awareness and humanitarian values ,
  • bears solid moral fundations,
  • is inhabited by families and individuals capable of transferring values and securing the nations future,
  • has a flourishing economy,
  • has a natural environment capable of securing healthy living conditions for future generations

We are all interested in seeing as many people as possible contribute to these decisions, wishing to achieve their individual success in harmony with the progress of the entire community.
To this end, responsible citizens and their communities must be provided with accurate information, their public awareness must be strengthened, and their talented youth must be supported.
Equally important is to educate representatives of parties representing a centre-right, Christian, patriotic set of values, the strengthening of their background institutions, as well as providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
An ever wider publicity is necessary for ideas and public behaviour based on Christian humanity, the democracy of free citizens and a social market economy.

Activities of the Foundation for a Civic Hungary

  • Our primarily intent is to launch and support research projects focusing on the development of Hungarian social and locality structure, issues to the European integration of Hungary. It is also our objective to collect and gather existing information in this domain. We intend to process findings and research results so that they enhance the quality of the work done by Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union and its parliamentary group. We intend to forward to you the most important results via publications and conferences
  • Another main area of interest for us is public policy training. Its form and content is also to be determined in coordination with respected professionals in this field
  • We collect and gather documents related to the history and the origins of Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union and the Hungarian centre-right for the archives and for academic research purposes
  • We organize and support the education of citizens who express a need for information and training
  • We support talent by promoting the education of Hungarian youth in Hungary and in the neighboring countries. Our objective is to increase the coherence of those professing centre-right values, so that they pursue their tasks in a coordinated and professionally well-founded manner
  • We support research projects, publications, dialogues which enhance the authentic, effective and professional representation of civic Hungary’s interests
  • We aim to introduce in Hungary the mindset of European and Euro-Atlantic Christian democrats, conservatives and peoples parties and construct relationships with like-minded organisations and professional workshops
  • We initiate dialogue and cooperation with representatives of the foundations assisting the other parliamentary parties,