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+359 2 983 69 22

The Mission

The mission of the Institute for social integration is to contribute getting over social alienation and stimulating the social integration of citizens, of particular communities and groups in our country.
Therefore we stand for the following tasks:

  • Monitoring of social vulnerability; studying the changes of value’s orientation; the processes of “social atomization” and stratification; the social and personal crises; the social exclusion and the social belonging in the contemporary Bulgarian society.
  • Studying the self-indentification of the particular groups and communities; estimating their social significance.
  • Research of the development of the socializing institutions; working up methods that exert influence on them so that they are not turn into factors of disintegration.
  • The role of representative government as a social integrating model – working up “best practices” and projects on its development.
  • Popularizing of successful social models and policies of social integration both in contemporary Bulgarian society and in the countries members of the European Union.
  • Working up projects and policies about enabling the processes of successful social integration of people and communities;


“Being a country and a society in transition, we are in a process of changing the model of social integration. In this reference we intend to try to propound in the society our conceptions of the criteria, the standard and the model of social integration. Our own conception of the image of success, personal realization and community integration in the context of the European model- that is the way we see things.
Some of the criteria are well-known to you and will not not be a surprise- income, employment, health, education, realization, forms of social significance. We have the ambition to announce the Index of social vulnerability to the media and the Bulgarian society every year.
We have already started our work on one of our priorities- setting up a Data-base about the institutions, organizations and structures of civil society that work on solving problems of social disintegration.”

Accents :

  • social disintegration of people living in small towns and villages, in undeveloped regions of the country. Their real isolation from social processes, the decrease of their resources and potential
  • the transformation of education from socializing into a disintegrating factor- the lack of clearness, the poverty, the violence and the profanation in the contemporary Bulgarian education
  • vulnerability and disintegration of different youth groups, generation gaps
  • market disintegration of people who try to develop small and family business and services
  • the phenomenon of isolation of whole social systems and subsystems
  • the concrete problems for the Bulgarian citizens and institutions that they will face in the process of Euroatlantic integration of the country.