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The International Democratic Initiative Foundation D66 (IDI) is an important pillar in the international work and outlook of D66. In 1990, IVSOM, the Central and Eastern Europe Foundation of Democrats 66 (D66), was founded to support democratization and economic transition in Central and Eastern Europe. In October 1997 IVSOM was renamed International Democratic Initiative Foundation D66 (IDI).

Nowadays, IDI is mainly active in the Balkan and Turkey. Together with like-minded liberal movements and political organisations it organises practical training-sessions and seminars on social-liberal thinking. Furthermore IDI maintains and develops relationships with like-minded political organizations across Europe. Respect for human rights and fundamental rights is a precondition for cooperation with IDI.

Democratic movements and progressive or social liberal political parties are natural partners for IDI. The relationships are mutually beneficial. On the one hand, IDI offers practical knowledge for political partners in the project countries. On the other hand, D66 benefits through international cooperation and by exchanging ideas and learns from other parties’ democratisation experience. Projects of IDI are financially supported by the Matra Political Party Programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.