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Liberal Future Forum was created as non-profit organisation to promote liberal ideas and to develop new concepts for contemporary societies.Like in most Central European countries liberalism has not much tradition in Austria. Hence, there is a particular need of countries with weak liberal traditions to increase the capacity of Liberals in order to influence the public debate. Liberal movements are quite distinct from the traditional conservative and social democratic concepts, combining the claim for open societies upon strong individual freedom and a strong understanding of individual citizens’ rights with the call for an efficient and effective market economy based upon competition.

Liberal Future Forum promotes the idea of a progressive, democratic,strong, efficient and ecologic European Union and its deepening and widening.

Liberal Future Forum understands itself as think-tank for liberalmovements. It aims at developing evidence based policy solutions to the problems facing Austriaand Central Europe. Running in parallel to the research programme are publicevents. Through meetings, conferences, seminars and lectures, the Forum aims toengage policy makers, academics, the media and public at large in lively andprovocative debate.

Liberal Future Forum focuses on issues related

  • to Europe’srole in the world with respect to the economic and financial crisis and theconsequences for a more efficient organisation of the world economy beyond thiscrisis. 
  • to theimprovement of European democracy by enhancing informed participation of the citizensand protecting the citizens’ right for privacy by clearly limiting the statecontrol of individuals (control of the electronic communication, buggingoperations, CCTV data storage, etc.). 
  • topopulism, xenophobia, and the extreme right-wing parties and movements. 
  • Othertopics to be addressed include migration, asylum and the rights of minorities. 


Liberal Future Forum is in touch withother think tanks in the liberal milieu in order to participate in the internationalexchange of liberal ideas and solutions. Whilst in touch with major liberalthink-tanks across Europe it aims at strengthening the links of Liberals inCentral Europe.