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Liberales is an independent Belgian think tank within the Liberal movement, founded in 2002. Its members consider liberalism as a progressive movement supporting individual freedom, justice and human rights. Liberales stimulates debate and progressive thinking in various topics including social-economic, ecological and ethical issues.

Its members believe in the strength, the uniqueness and the self-determination of the human being taking on its responsibilities in society as an empowered individual. In order to give every person the possibility to do so, we pursue equal starting conditions for all in a society where freedom and responsibility are intimately connected. A society where a balance between freedom and solidarity is obtained. A society which does not impose itself onto the individual but invites active citizenship in which people invest in the community and take on responsibility towards their fellow citizens.

Freedom also implies respecting the rights of others. A society can only be deemed dignified when it warrants a maximum of choices for its citizens. This self-determination is especially important regarding the life philosophy and attitude to life which people wish to develop. Liberales thus pursues mutual respect.

Liberales addresses everyone who believes in freedom, openness and creativity of the human being as the engine of more wealth and well-being.


Liberales spreads its ideas through a weekly newsletter with columns, essays, book reviews, and interviews. Our newsletter has over 10.000 subscribers and Liberales has published more than 2,000 articles on a broad range of subjects. These articles can be consulted on our website. Also, Liberales organizes interactive events with prominent speakers which are open to anyone interested.