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The International Educational Centre (IEC) is an organization of citizens founded in 2008. Goals and efforts:
  • The further development of the civil society in the Republic of Croatia
  • Promotion of cultural dialogue, tolerance, equality and tolerance in the Croatian society
  • Raise and widen the scope of awareness towards the importance of social processes and to further the involvement of its members and other citizens in Croatia in all levels of society
  • Continue the democratization of the Croatian society
  How to achieve these goals?
  • Co-operation with governmental sectors, social and business figures and other associations in Croatia, as well as abroad with a cooperative basis
  • Active promotion of the civil initiative as to promote this society’s democratization
  • Organizing educational workshops, courses, seminars, lectures, discussions, presentations and conferences
  • Informing the general public about the importance of additional education and life-long learning, as well as culture and democracy in order to promote the social community is needed through all forms of public gatherings and the media
  • Organizing meetings and other similar ones with the aim of being communal and an exchange of experiences
  • Publications of written, internet, audio, video, DVD and other multimedia content