Key focus and topics of the WG

  • Reflecting upon and exchanging experiences of ENoP members in the field of democracy
    support worldwide, both within the network and with external actors;
  • Analysing and influencing policies and their implementation related to democracy support at
    EU and member-state level, as well as other relevant international actors in the field;
  • Contributing to the efforts of fighting shrinking space to CSOs and political actors;
  • Contributing to the discussion on the state and future of democracy worldwide

What we do

The ENoP WG on Democracy:

  • Facilitates exchange of experience and best practices among member foundations;
  • Drafts policy paper and positions on behalf of ENoP targeted at the EU and other relevant
  • Cooperates with other democracy support actors in organising activities;
  • Contributes to keeping the discussion on “the future of democracy” alive

Alina Garkova, ENoP Senior Policy & Liaison Officer: alina.garkova[at]
Denis Schrey, Co-Chair of ENoP, WG Democracy, denis.schrey[at]
Bent Nicolajsen, Co-Chair of ENoP WG Democracy: bn[at]