Who We Are?

The Working Group (WG) Democracy is one of 4 working groups (Democracy, EU Funding, The Future of Europe and Development) of the European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP). The WGs provide a unique space for dialogue for the members of the Network. This platform helps political foundations exchange expertise among themselves; with their local partners, and offers an opportunity for a structured dialogue with the European Institutions. As a result, ENoP and its members are better informed and more fit to do their job and to formulate concrete policies and actions that help the EU attain its goals in democracy support in a more coherent manner. In contrast to other democracy actors, ENoP has the advantage of combining precious expertise from both political and CSO actors in partner-countries.

The WG perceives democracy as a broad concept that goes beyond election observation, and looks deeper into justice, rule of law, well-functioning political parties, good governance, freedom of speech.Furthermore, the WG addresses the issues of shrinking democratic spaces for CSO, media, the judiciary and political actors inside and outside of Europe.

Key focus and topics of the WG

  • Reflecting upon and exchanging experiences of ENoP members in the field of democracy support worldwide within the network and with external actors
  • Analyzing and influencing  policies and their implementation related to democracy support at EU and EU member-state level as well as other relevant international actor within the field
  • Contributing to the discussion of the state and future of democracy worldwide

What we do?

The ENoP WG on Democracy

  • Facilitates exchange of experience and best practices among member foundations
  • Drafts policy paper and positions on behalf of ENoP targeted at the EU and others
  • Cooperates with other democracy support actor in organising activities
  • Contributes to keeping the discussion on “the future of democracy” alive

Whom to contact?

Alina Garkova, ENoP Senior Policy/Liaison Officer: alina.garkova[at]

Denis Schrey, Co-Chair of ENOP, WG Democracy, denis.schrey[at]

Bent Nicolajsen, Co-Chair of ENoP WG Democracy: bn[at]