Sustainable Development

Key focus and topics of the WG

  • Building Capacity on the Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals among ENoP
    members and their local partners;
  • Strengthening Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development (PCSD) in order to promote
    coherent, justifiable and sustainable EU and member state policies that do not hinder, but
    rather encourage development;
  • Mainstreaming democracy promotion in the development discourse as every development can
    only be sustainable and inclusive when it is linked to a vivid democratic culture (political
    pluralism, freedom of media, active civil society and political participation). Sustainable
    development of a country is inextricably linked to a vivid democratic political culture and a
    broad debate involving all stakeholders. It is important to hold up democracy considerations in
    the development discourse and contributing to the dialogue.

What we do

The ENoP WG on Sustainable Development:

  • Facilitates exchange of experience and best practices among member foundations;
  • Introduces democracy considerations in the development discourse and contributes to the
    sustainable development dialogue through brining in the voice of democratic actors, political
    foundations and Southern partners;
  • Organises discussion on EU level with partners from the European development community;
  • Organises conferences and meetings in member states to bridge the European with national or
    local level.

Alina Garkova, ENoP Senior Policy & Liaison Officer: alina.garkova[at]
Rosa van Driel, Co-Chair of ENOP, WG Sustainable Development, rvdriel[at]
Jelmen Haaze, Co-Chair of ENoP WG Sustainable Development: jelmen.haaze[at]