The Future of Europe

The WG is composed of the following ENoP members: Magna Carta (Italy), Political Academy of the Austrian People’s Party (Austria), CEVRO/Liberálně-konzervativní akademie (Czech Republic), Liberales (Belgium), Constantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy (Greece), Institute for Social Integration (Bulgaria), Novo Drustvo (Croatia), Institute for Strategic and Development Studies (Greece), Transform! Italia (Italy), Liberal Politological Institute (Bulgaria), Institute for Social Integration (Bulgaria), Institutum Novum (Slovenia), Friedrich-Ebert- Stiftung (FES), Fondazzjoni IDEAT (Malta) and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Germany).

The WG has been very active since its re-establishment in the year 2012. As a kick-off event in order to create awareness on the spectrum of the topics the WG will tackle, a Public Conference has been organized in Italy with the title “Defying the crisis: Impulses for active European Citizenship”.

The WG allows national members to engage with political competitors and to seek for joint solutions to common problems like the rise of anti-European movements, the challenge of youth unemployment, migration and the active political participation of European citizens.

With a view to the 2014 European Parliament elections, the WG has produced some informative campaigning material allowing ENoP members to raise awareness and inform citizens in their countries on the European elections.

The WG has furthermore closely followed policy developments with regards to the “Citizens for Europe Programme (2007 -2013) and the new “Europe for Citizens” (2014-2020) programme. In 2013 the WG has invited policy makers from the European Commission in order to give its advise on the next priorities based on the manifold experience coming from within the Foundations being implementors themselves of European financed projects but also on a variety of national projects on relevant topics.