Call for Services: Process design & Facilitation for ENoP New Governance

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Call for Services: Process design & Facilitation for ENoP New Governance

Process design & Facilitation for ENoP New Governance

Purpose of the call

In October 2020, the ENoP Coordination Board and ENoP Secretariat had an Organisational Development Meeting, which focused on smoother cooperation, improvement of processes and finding synergies between the Coordination Board and Secretariat. Beyond that, it explored the different ENoP bodies, mapping out their roles and value. Following this, members of the Steering Committee have held a Brainstorming session in order to reflect on how members see their current and future roles in ENoP, in view of the upcoming General Assembly.

As a reflection of this, a Task Force was formed, composed of representatives of different party families and bodies. In the process of revision of the ENoP structure, the Task Force and ENoP Secretariat will look into current mandates and obligations of each body and see how they align with expectations. They will also look into improving internal processes, boost ENoP’s performance, and determine clear role decisions. One of the main tasks will be specifying the mandate of the ENoP bodies. Such revisions should be done in a structured way in the months to come.

ENoP is therefore looking for an expert to design, facilitate and support this process in close cooperation with the ENoP Secretariat and Task Force.

The expert would have the following tasks:

The expert will design, facilitate and support the process for ENoP new governance. The service should include the following elements:

  • Design, preparation and facilitation of the meetings and working sessions;
  • Interviews and questionnaires for ENoP Secretariat and Task Force;
  • Coaching support for interviews (through the process);
  • Synthesis;
  • Coaching for convergence and presentation to General Assembly;
  • Follow-up.

This list is indicative and non-exhaustive.

Duration & location:

Estimated time: 25 days (non-consecutively)

Location: online or/and in person (depending on Covid-19 safety measures)


The working language is English.

Desired profile:

ENoP is looking for an expert with the following profile:

  • Profound experience in designing, conducting and supporting participatory processes;
  • Experience in moderation of events and meetings;
  • Fluency in English;
  • Experience in working both online and in person.

Application procedure:

Experts with the above-mentioned profile are kindly invited to send offer, CV, experience and draft process proposal. The applications shall be sent to by 31 January 2022.

For more information about the requirements, please consult the Terms of Reference below.