[Call for trainers] Training on EU Project Management: Communication & Visibility for EuropeAid Projects

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[Call for trainers] Training on EU Project Management: Communication & Visibility for EuropeAid Projects
Background of the training

Together with local partners, ENoP member foundations implement a variety of EU co-funded grant projects around the world (mainly in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the MENA region), thereby contributing to EU democracy support and sustainable development. The EU puts great emphasis on ensuring that EU development policy, in particular EU co-funded projects, are professionally communicated and enjoy high visibility in the respective partner countries. This training is therefore intended to provide an opportunity for staff from ENoP member foundations to get acquainted with the EU requirements for visibility and communication and best practice-examples for innovative and effective communication and visibility activities.

Objective of the training

The main objective of the training is to explain the most important Communication & visibility requirements for EuropeAid grant projects and give participants concrete tips on how to ensure visibility of their projects. The training will support staff (incl. local staff) from ENoP member foundations who manage EU co-funded projects and conceptualize new projects or from members that plan to do so in the future. After completion of the training, participants have learned the most important aspects C&V requirements, have learned about innovative and effective visibility activities and are well equipped to draft a convincing Communication and Visibility Plan.  

Scope and methodology of the training


  • Overview of the communication and visibility requirements as outlined in the Communication and Visibility manual for External Actions (use of Logos, disclaimers, online communication)
  • Best practices & examples for creative visibility activities in EuropeAid grant projects
  • Special Focus: How to design visibility activities in the digital sphere? Best practices & ideas for creative online visibility activities in the Covid-era.
  • Tips for drafting a convincing communication and visibility plan and developing indicators to measure success.
  • Exchange of participants’ experiences with communication and visibility (e.g. feedback received from EU delegations)


  • Methodological mix: Combining input by the trainer with interactive elements such as group work, practical examples, experience sharing etc. 
  • Leaving room for individual questions of participants and exchange of experience among participants
  • Providing Power Point Presentation & list of online resources that participants can use after the training
Required profile of the trainer
  • Substantial expertise and experience in the management of EuropeAid grants, in particular the General Conditions, the PRAG and the INTPA Companion;
  • Experience of conducting trainings on EU funding in international contexts;
  • Substantial experience in consulting for / writing / reviewing / conceptualizing / implementing successful EuropeAid grant projects;
  • Fluency in English both written and oral;
  • Experience in conducting online trainings.
  • Receipt of training offer by 8 April 2022
  • Moderation and facilitation of a 2-day à 3,5 hours online training via Zoom (in total 7 hours of training that can be divided among 2 days in one week).
Expression of interest

Experts with the above mentioned profile are kindly invited to send their CV, outlining their relevant experience and their expected overall fee for the preparation and the facilitation of the training as well as proposed program of the training. Applications shall be sent to Aleksandra Starčević aleksandra.starcevic@enop.eu by 8 April 2022.

For further details please refer to the full Terms of Reference below: