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The Netherlands
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Bureau de Helling is the independent Research Foundation linked to the Dutch political party GroenLinks, a founding member of the European Green Party. The name Bureau de Helling refers to the nautical history of The Netherlands:  the site from where newly built ships are launched as well as the site where ships are brought for inspection and maintenance. This is how the Foundation sees its mission: to launch new projects, to question existing truths and to venture  into new territories. Bureau de Helling receives its funding from the Ministry of Interior as well as from the political party GroenLinks. Bureau de Helling was established in 1990 as Stichting Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks and received its current name in 2011. Since 2009, Dr. Dick Pels has been the director of the foundation.

In 2008, the international foundation SDS (Stichting Duurzame Solidariteit, established in 1995) fused with the current Bureau de Helling.  Awareness raising for development issues, international democracy support and capacity building of green movements and parties has since then been part of its core tasks. This part of the work of Bureau de Helling is mainly funded by the MATRA programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Anne de Boer has been a co-founder of and current coordinator of the Green East-West Dialogue, the green network nowadays oriented in capacity building of Greens in countries of the European Neighborhood Policy.