Bruninieku Street 29/31
Room 204
LV-1001 Riga
+37 2 919 99 82

Aims, objectives: To strengthen civil society, to promote solidarity among people of different ages, genders, social backgrounds, ethnic origins etc; to promote social democratic values and ideas, to strengthen democracy in Latvia and abroad, as well as to strengthen organizations and processes aimed at promoting social equality

Main partners: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Foundation of European Progressive Studies

Fields of activities by subject and region: Currently – organization of discussion forums together with acknowledged specialists and politicians on urgent topics, such as quality of local political system, energy policy, efficiency of state, political participation, strengthening of civil society, demographics etc.

Examples of activities:

  1. In March 2008 – Forum “How to democratize political parties? On the road to abolish political serfdom in Latvia”.
  2. In June 2008 – Forum “Latvia as an alternative energy superpower: how to strengthen Latvia within the framework of EU energy security policy?”.
  3. In December 2008 – Forum with a tentative title “Solving demographic crisis in Latvia through innovation: more and better jobs with higher incomes”.