Green Forum Foundation
Pustegränd 1-3
118 20 Stockholm
+46 766 18 48 41

A foundation based on the ideology of Green Party Sweden for ecological and sustainable development.

We believe that a democratic society demands openness from those who are in power towards citizens and media. We believe that people can and would like to take active part in building the society. Along with the ideas of Green Party Sweden, Green Forum Foundation feels there is a need to give greater weight to values and attitudes traditionally associated with women. These include care for other people, responsibility for future generations and the environment, co-operation rather than competition, a holistic attitude and respect for life. Another concept central to Green Party Sweden is that involvement in politics should not be regarded as a life-long profession.

Trust between people is a prerequisite of democratic development. In our work, the building of trust and tolerance, between people and between organizations, is very important. An ongoing discussion about the concept of democracy – what is democracy and what does it mean – is an important part of any democratic process. We do not believe that the Swedish democracy model should be forced upon areas or countries with different backgrounds. What we say is that Swedish politicians, political parties and organizations have experiences, that can be used as tools in building democracy in other countries. This demands mutual co-operation and mutual exchange of experiences.

Green Forum Foundation applies for funding within the government decision UD2006/35490/UP on support to development of democracy in Eastern Europe and developing countries. Green Forum started 1995 but was a foundation 1999. We also have campaigns for different projects. Green Forum supports Green friends which are threatened because of their Green values as politicians. You can donate to our special account for this purpose.

All political parties elected to the Swedish Parliament have the opportunity to contribute internationally through the party oriented democracy support programme. The purpose of the programme is to contribute to well functioning party systems, political participation, democratic political systems and democratic development; to promote respect for human rights and the equality of all people; and to establish channels between citizens and decisionmakers.

During 2012-2014 Green Forum run three regional programmes through Sida’s partypriented support programme: Program Africa, Program Latin America and Program Eastern-/Central Europe & Southern Kaukasus.