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Novo Društvo (New Society), Croatian Association For Development Of Social Democracy is the organization of citizens established in 1991, together with the development of the democratic processes in Croatia. Acting as a promoter of the democratic culture and political education, it is particularly dedicated to the ideas and values of the social democracy. During nineties, it organized a number of seminars, debates, conferences and exhibitions substantial for the development of the political and partisan life, especially in Social Democratic Party of Croatia.

New Society is thus a non-partisan organization operating within a wider space of social democracy, but is strongly affiliated with SDP Croatia.

With generous support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Alfred Mozer Stichting, Jean Jaures Fondation and others, our main projects include:

  • Political Academy New Society
  • Working Papers On Social Democracy
  • Communal Academy and
  • series of national policy debates.

The project of the Political Academy has involved during past four years more than 200 Croatian social democrats into an extensive education and discussion of social democratic policies and values, political system and intra-party democracy as well as many communal policy, party-management and political communication issues. The project has not only influenced the rebuilding the identity of the Croatian social democracy and its policy making expertise and processes, but has also encouraged a number of progressive individuals and initiatives in its wider space, rebuilt connections with the academic community and opened the channels of exchange with social democrats in the SEE countries and the world. Political Academy established itself as recognized space of political education and debate introducing a number of issues that shaped Croatian political agenda: SDP’s economic policy, healthcare policy, European integration policy, development of intra-party democracy.