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The Századvég Foundation is an independent think-tank organization, whose primary aim is to articulate and forward the issues and processes concerning Hungarian society and public interests, and to publish a clearly written and objective analysis of these processes.

The history of the Foundation goes back to the time of the regime change in Hungary. Over the last 15 years it has become an intellectual workshop where research, education, and publication are done simultaneously. It has also become an institute which has been the first to undertake the conscious role of a think-tank. Due to its unique character and activities, it has become a respected participant in Hungarian public life.

The organization’s mission is to help Hungarian public life to become professional, which involves conducting social science research and surveys, providing quality political science and civil society education, and preparing and releasing long-needed professional publications.

The Aims of the Foundation

  • drafting standpoints concerning the public interest, giving answers to issues concerning the public, thereby molding public opinion significantly;
  • analysis of the political, social and economic changes in the country;
  • conduct of research and surveys and publication of their findings;
  • practise-oriented political science education;
  • publication of high-quality political, social science, and other professional books;
  • formation of political strategies;
  • preparation to help political science become more professional.