Political Foundations: Development Cooperation between State and Society

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Political Foundations: Development Cooperation between State and Society

On 18 March ENoP launched its Profile Paper “Development Cooperation – between State and Society” with a round table in the Austrian Parliament.

The event was jointly organized by AWEPA ( European Parliamentarians with Africa ), Parlamentarischer NordSüdDialog, IUFE ( Institut für Umwelt, Friede, Entwicklung ) and the ENoP Working Group ” Development Assistance”. Petra Bayr, Member of the Austrian Parliament and chairwoman of AWEPA underlined the importance ob bringing development policy into the forefront of national parliaments, as well as ensuring policy coherence for development.

Sidonie Wetzig, chair of the ENoP Working Group, summarized key statements of the publication, which argues that Political foundations can fill the gaps between public policies, globalized markets and civil society. IN order to illustrate their work in development cooperation, ENoP representatives presented at the roundtable best practice examples of projects and activities they implemented on the ground.

The meeting, chaired by Johannes Steiner, Executive Director of the Vienna Institute for Environment, Peace and Development, concluded with an open discussion among the participants.

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