Franz-Mehring-Platz 1
10243 Berlin
EU Office
Rue Saint-Ghislain 62
1000 Brussels
+49 30 44 31 00
+49 30 44 31 02 22

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is actively involved in political education throughout the Federal Republic of Germany and world-wide (15 offices). It considers itself part of the political movement for democratic socialism. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has its origins in the association Social Analysis and Political Education, founded in Berlin in 1990. It has become a well-known agent of political education, a discussion forum for critical thinking and political alternatives, and a centre for progressive ideas and research both in Germany and throughout the world.

The Brussels office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation opened in December 2008 and focuses on left alternative political education regarding European issues as well as on the relations between Europe and the world regions.