Independent actors in democracy support, development cooperation & political dialogue

Our Mission

As a network of political foundations, affiliated to different political ideologies across the democratic spectrum, ENoP and its members advocate for the respect of democratic principles and political pluralism inside and outside of Europe. They build bridges, create common grounds and understanding between political and civil society actors in Europe and partner-countries to strengthen core democratic values, and contribute to nurturing pluralistic and inclusive societies.

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Guiding principles

Cooperation and consensus building

True partnerships and genuine dialogue

Long-term commitment and support

Tailor-made approach to democracy support

Policy coherence for sustainable development


Gary Klaukka
Atufa Ali

Expert Groups

The Expert groups deliberate regularly and provide recommendations to the institutions of the European Union and to decision-makers at national level. The platform helps political foundations exchange expertise among themselves; with their local partners, and offers an opportunity for a “structured dialogue” with the European Institutions. As a result, ENoP and its members are fit to formulate concrete policies and actions that help the EU identify and attain its goals in democracy and sustainable development in a more coherent manner.