ENoP's main thematic areas

Overview Topics

Democracy Support

Support to democratisation processes is a key component of the work of political foundations worldwide. In addition to the vast field experience ENoP members from Western Europe bring to the table, ENoP members from Eastern Europe provide their own and personal transition experiences. In this very unique capacity, ENoP accompanies and provides input

to the development of EU initiatives for a more effective democracy support agenda. Serving as a dialogue platform between European political foundations, EU Institutions and Civil Society Organisations, ENoP promotes peer to peer multi-party cooperation in countries across Europe and the rest of the world.

Policy Paper
EU Team Europe Approach – Improving Effectiveness and Impact of Worldwide Democracy Support
EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy 2020-2024
Policy Paper
Cooperating With Political Parties Why Does It Matter?
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Expert Group
Democracy Chairs

Jan Marinus Wiersma

Vice-president European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity, Former MEP (S&D)

Stella Grahek

President of the Supervisory Board of the Progresiva Association

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Development Cooperation

Development cooperation is a major topic for ENoP and a fundamental element for all ENoP activities in support of EU external assistance and the dialogue with EU institutions and other stakeholders. Raising awareness and working on the effective implementation of the SDGs laid out in the Agenda 2030, both internationally and on member state level.

With a special focus on SDG 16, we strive for mainstreaming democracy support in the development discourse as every development can only be sustainable and inclusive when it is linked to a vivid democratic culture (political pluralism, freedom of media, active civil society and political participation).

Towards a Comprehensive Strategy with Africa
Call for Action
The EU must act now on the 2030 Agenda to achieve sustainable development!
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Expert Group Sustainable Development Chairs

Karin Jancyková

Programme Manager Climate and Energy, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Daniela Iller

Policy Officer Trade, Sustainable Development, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

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Future of Europe

ENoP as a network illustrates that democratic norms and principles need to be defended every day beyond political party lines and need strong advocates in Europe and abroad. To address the important nexus between internal and external policy dimensions, ENoP contributes to the discussion on the future of Europe, where it

brings along the important messages of EU upholding core values, fostering civic education and nurturing political pluralism. It provides a platform for ENoP members to engage their constituencies in a pro-European debate and convene members from different party families in joint dialogue.

Reflections and Distortions – the Electoral Impact of Social Media in Europe
Conference on the Future of Europe
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Expert Group
Future of Europe Chairs

Panagiotis Kakolyris

Head of International Relations, Konstantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy

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EU Programming & Funding Instruments

This area of the work of ENoP follows and interferes in the reform process of financial instruments, offering concrete recommendations for a strong multi-actor approach. The members that bring along project implementation experience under the current instruments engage actively in the consultations with EU institutions on the financial regulations as well as on the programming of instruments as such.

The working group on EU Funding is the main focal point for exchange of experiences and for addressing challenges in the implementation of EU-co-funded projects and raises identified problems to the relevant interlocutors within the EC.

Position Paper
ENoP Position on a Strong Multi-Actor Approach in the NDICI Programming
Supporting Democracy Through Geographic Global Europe Programmes
NDICI & Humanitarian Aid: Global Crises Demand Strengthened Cooperation and Solidarity
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Expert Group
EU Funding Chairs

Matthias Hedder

Deputy Director of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung EU office

Igor Bryzhatyi

Programme Manager EU-Projects, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

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