Position Paper 16/07/2021

ENoP Position on a Strong Multi-Actor Approach in the NDICI Programming

Considering the lack of multi-actor project opportunities in the last thematic “Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities” (CSO-LA) programme, the necessity to assist local authorities in developing EU-funded projects, as well as the unique added value of political foundations in CSO-LA projects, the European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP) stresses the importance of encouraging multi-actor approach in the NDICI programming. The benefits of employing a multi-actor approach are particularly important for an effective impact of projects on sustainable development and thematic priority areas for EU’s external action, such as sustainable growth, climate change and peace and governance.

To ensure multi-actor consortia is allowed, when possible, ENoP recommends:

  • Including Local Authorities as eligible (independent) actors, with restrictions for (semi-) autocratic regimes.
  • Ensuring civil society organisations, including political foundations, are considered eligible actors, instead of limiting them to (thematic) programmes dedicated specifically to them.
  • Allowing joint projects applications for CSOs, LAs and other actors from Europe and partner countries, by removing unnecessary restrictions of eligibility criteria.

For more information, download the full publication:

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