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Studies 09/12/2022
Political Parties and Civil Society – The Need for Stronger Linkages to Defend and Promote Democracy

Democracy is under threat worldwide. And one of the reasons for the decline of democracy is the failure of political parties to perform appropriately and to collaborate with other segments […]

Policy Papers 21/06/2022
EU Team Europe Approach – Improving Effectiveness and Impact of Worldwide Democracy Support

With this policy paper, ENoP offers a set of recommendations to democracy stakeholders and the EU, that aim to improve the effectiveness and impact of democracy support worldwide. The recommendations ...

Statements 28/02/2022
Statement in Support of Ukraine

The Statement in Support of Ukraine was published by partner organizations in the Global Democracy Coalition and others in solidarity with Ukraine and its people. We are again witnessing just [&hellip...

Position Papers 16/07/2021
ENoP Position on a Strong Multi-Actor Approach in the NDICI Programming

Considering the lack of multi-actor project opportunities in the last thematic “Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities” (CSO-LA) programme, the necessity to assist local authorities in ...

Statements 31/05/2021
Supporting Democracy Through Geographic Global Europe Programmes

In view of the public consultation on the Delegated Regulation on Global Europe programming, and in order to make the geographic Global Europe programmes deliver on sustainable development, with a [&h...

Studies 10/05/2021
Joint Publication: Reflections and Distortions – the Electoral Impact of Social Media in Europe

To analyse politics in our time, one must take into consideration the advancements in information technology, artificial intelligence – the terms and conditions that shape the digital public sphere....