Statement 16/07/2020

Conference on the Future of Europe

As an actor of political dialogue and pluralistic representation, ENoP shares a list of 10 recommendations to the institutions of the European Union, that we consider fundamental for the success of the initiative. The Conference on the Future of Europe shall make sure:

  1. To place the core values of the European Union linked to democracy, solidarity and tolerance at the forefront of the Conference, and use them as guiding principles for the debate, taking also into account the promotion of peace, security and sustainable development, the health and the wellbeing of EU citizens.
  2. To enable the broad participation of civil society from all EU member-states, while keeping a gender balance and inclusion of disadvantaged and minority groups.
  3. To mobilise and enable the participation of youth from all EU member-states who are the engine of change in Europe and whose future the Conference will debate.
  4. To implement a “bottom-up” approach and “eye-level” cooperation when consulting with citizens that would allow for genuine dialogue.
  5. To acknowledge and make use of the role of political foundations as bridge-builders between civil society, academia and political actors. ENoP and its member-foundations can be strong partners in mobilizing both civic and political participation in discussions related to the future of Europe.
  6. To include innovative formats for inclusion of civil society, such as online tools and social media as to allow citizens for more direct involvement in deliberations on important questions.
  7. To raise awareness among citizens about the strong interlinkages between internal and external EU policies, and the importance of EU external actions aiming at democracy support and development cooperation in partner-countries.
  8. To engage in a constructive and in­clusive dialogue that brings cohesion among member-states.
  9. To organise parallel citizen con­sul­­tations in all member-states that contribute to a single strategy for Europe.
  10. To ensure a thorough evaluation of the Conference and a concrete follow-up on the proposals made by participants, taking into consideration possible changes in the setup of the institutions of the European Union.

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