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Studies 13/03/2023
Elevating Citizens’ Voices: Avenues for Participatory Democracy at National, Regional and Local Levels

This publication is a direct result and continuation of the ENoP-AER Forum on New Forms of Democratic Engagement which was organised on 1 and 2 June 2022 in Brussels. It […]

Studies 25/01/2023
Research on Social Capital in Poland and Hungary

The European Network of Political Foundations and Projekt: Polska Foundation present a study on social trust and human capital in Poland and Hungary. The role of trust in the formation […]

Studies 24/01/2023
Has Covid-19 Moved Western Balkan Countries Closer to or Further from the EU?

The Covid-19 pandemic hit Western Balkan countries hard and accentuated flaws in the countries’ already fragile democratic systems. Democratic backsliding during the pandemic period has been evident...

Studies 02/01/2023
Justice in the 21st Century

This work is a collection of five papers dedicated to the complex concept of Justice. Examining the issue from different angles, the authors seek to highlight different challenges and obstacles [&hell...

Studies 09/12/2022
Political Parties and Civil Society – The Need for Stronger Linkages to Defend and Promote Democracy

Democracy is under threat worldwide. And one of the reasons for the decline of democracy is the failure of political parties to perform appropriately and to collaborate with other segments […]

Policy Papers 21/06/2022
EU Team Europe Approach – Improving Effectiveness and Impact of Worldwide Democracy Support

With this policy paper, ENoP offers a set of recommendations to democracy stakeholders and the EU, that aim to improve the effectiveness and impact of democracy support worldwide. The recommendations ...