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Study 30/08/2023
Doing Politics!

Doing Politics! is a publication about a transformative, action-oriented political education concept. Emphasising independent thinking and responsible engagement, it empowers active citizenship and en...

Manual 28/08/2023
Let’s Get Ready for EU Funding

Navigate EU funding effortlessly with this concise guide tailored for European political foundations. Explore EU structures, funding programs, and application strategies to amplify your foundationR...

Best Practices 25/08/2023
ENoP Best Practices Compilation: Sustainable Development

This comprehensive compilation showcases the capacity-building programs, advocacy efforts, and groundbreaking research initiatives of European political foundations in driving sustainable development ...

Best Practices 23/08/2023
ENoP Best Practices Compilation: Youth Participation

This publication is a comprehensive compilation of best practice examples showcasing a mosaic of European political foundations’ extraordinary work and impactful contributions to fostering youth par...

Best Practices 21/08/2023
ENoP Best Practices Compilation: Gender Equality and Women’s Political Participation

This publication is a comprehensive collection of best-practice examples showcasing the remarkable work undertaken by European political foundations in gender equality and women‘s political particip...

Study 13/07/2023
Building a European Public Opinion

Europe is a construction in the making and often this construction is endangered by events and crises that challenge it. It is clear that, in addition to political differences and […]