Lost Trust in Political Parties in Europe

The Institute for Social Integration, Bulgaria is holding a conference Lost Trust in Political Parties in Europe on 17 May 2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event will be streamed online via Zoom.

The conference will bring together a variety of stakeholders, with the keynote speech given by Vice President of Bulgaria Iliyana Yotova, Former MEP.

About the conference

Political parties are a fundamental pillar of representative democracies. They assist in shaping and expressing the political diversity of citizen opinions, and are a means of participation in elections. Representing a free association of like-minded people, political parties use democratic means to achieve socio-political goals.

With democratic backsliding all over the world, political parties play a crucial role in maintaining a diversity of political opinions. At the same time, they are becoming increasingly unpopular in society. With the rise of populism and extremist movements in Europe, political parties are weakened and their credibility questioned.

In this context, our conference aims to discuss the future of political parties; to focus on the future of representative democracy and democratic societies in general.

With the two panel discussions, the conference will address the following questions:

  • Are political parties in decay and how will political representation be expressed?
  • Is it possible to replace political parties with civic movements and civil society organizations – where is democracy headed?
  • How do parties defend the public interests of the groups of voters who support them?
  • How successfully do parties develop and advocate for progressive social projects and policies or do they concentrate only on the political process?
  • How effectively do parties communicate their activities to citizens?
  • How does the State take care of democracy?
  • Who and how finances the activities of political parties and foundations and the media close to them?


May 17 2022


9:00 - 12:00

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