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How to become a member

ENoP considers applications from all political foundations of the European Union Member States. In order to apply, the applicant institution has to hold a status of political foundations and has to be able to provide a proof of it.

For more detailed information on the application procedures please contact ENoP's Project & Network Officer Aleksandra Starcevic at aleksandra.starcevic[at]

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Get involved – Collaborate

As an umbrella network for European political foundations, ENoP creates a space for the development of innovative democracy support initiatives, political dialogue and depolarisation. Democracy is at the core of our work, but cover a whole range to topics, from sustainable development to human rights, media freedom and the future of Europe.

Our more prominent partnerships include those with International IDEA, European Endowment for Democracy (EED), European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) with whom we work on organising the International Democracy Week in Brussels and cooperate under the scope of the Global Democracy Coalition. Additionally, we have also cooperated with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) on two Sustainable Development Reports for Europe. Our ongoing partnership with the Assembly of European Regions (AER) will produce a caste study compilation on models of deliberative democracy at three levels of government.

Let's cooperate!

Are you a democracy support actor interested in the work of political foundations, political party cooperation and cross-party perspectives?

To know more about our work, follow our website and social media for our latest activities. Contact us if you would like to cooperate on any of the topics that we cover, be it for the purpose of conferences, roundtables, consultancies, publications, trainings or advocacy-related work.

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