Event Reports 16/05/2023

2023 Forum of Political Foundations

The International Forum of Political Foundations, titled “Political Parties and Perspectives of Democracy”, organised by the European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP) is a pilot cross-party initiative with the goal of bringing together different European political foundations and their partners. Ultimately, it aims at triggering an exchange on how to support and strengthen political parties that are committed to the promotion and defence of liberal, representative democracy, free and fair elections, independent judiciary, free media, and human rights. 

This International Forum pursues the following objectives:

  • Analysis of current challenges for liberal democracy and the role of political parties and political foundations in view of actual threats for democratic regimes;
  • Presentation and cross-party exchange of experiences and best practices among parties and political foundations; 
  • Exchange on policies and intra-party reforms in defence and resilience against democratic threats;
  • Encouragement to build modern party structures and to make integrity a distinctive feature of party leadership.


Perspectives on democracy and the role of political parties

Photo © Camille Doyen & ENoP

This session aimed at exploring the global state of democracy with the challenges and opportunities ahead. It further looked at the importance of building multi-faceted partnerships, inclusive of both political and civil society actors.  


Denis Schrey
Programme Director, KAS Multinational Development Policy Dialogue (MDPD); Network Coordinator, the European Network of Political Foundations


Political parties in decline: A threat to democracy?

Photo © Camille Doyen & ENoP

This panel discussion shed light on the state of democracy through the lenses of declining political participation. It explored the challenges that political parties face in terms of non-voter turnout and the lack of civic engagement.


Tarja Halonen
Former President of Finland, Chair Emeritae of Council of Women World Leaders

Tundu Lissu
Member of CHADEMA party and Former Member of Parliament, Tanzania

Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeister
Fellow and Lecturer at the Düsseldorf Party Research Institute, PRuF 


Michaela Hollis
Secretary General, Christian Democratic International Center, KIC

Intra-party decision-making: How to boost democracy within?

Photo © Camille Doyen & ENoP

This session provided an insight into inner-party decision-making processes and transparency. It discussed different approaches of how to improve decision-making within political parties and allow for more transparency and inclusiveness.


Knut Fleckenstein
Former Member of the European Parliament, Co-facilitator of Jean Monnet and Interparty Dialogue processes

Nino Kalandadze
Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee, Georgia

David Farrell
Professor of Politics, University College Dublin


Robert Križanič
Director of Institute Povod; Treasurer, the European Network of Political Foundations


Integrity of political party leaders

Photo © Camille Doyen & ENoP

This interactive workshop exchange brought concrete insights and examples of the preconditions needed for political leaders to meet in order to achieve integrity in their roles within their political party work.


Ana Radičević
Program Director, Regional Political Integrity Southeast Europe, National Democratic Institute

Sam van der Staak
Director for Europe, the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA)

Nicholas Aiossa
Deputy Director, Head of Policy and Advocacy at Transparency International 


Jasmina Mršo
Publications Coordinator, the European Network of Political Foundations; Expert in Working with Political Parties and Foundations

Meet European political foundations

Photo © Camille Doyen & ENoP

Empowering women in political parties: Investing in peace?

Photo © Camille Doyen & ENoP

This interactive session served as a platform for exchange of best practice examples, initiatives and toolkits, that exist to support women’s participation and representation in political parties, in positions of power and decision-making. It further focused on the role of women in mediation and conflict mitigation.


Kira Rudik
Vice-President of the Alliance of Liberals & Democrats for Europe Party and Head of Holos, Ukraine

Monika Zajkova
Member of Parliament, North Macedonia

Halyna Yanchenko
Member of Parliament and Former deputy on the Kyiv City Council, Ukraine

Badria Zeino-Mahmalat
Director of ”Get involved!” project on women empowerment in politics, Morocco & Benin


Jana Sproul
Senior Human Rights & EU Funding Manager, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom; Deputy Network Coordinator, ENoP


Youth & Innovation: What does the future hold?

Photo © Camille Doyen & ENoP

This session focused on youth participation in political parties. It discussed the opportunities ahead of young party members as well as the solutions that young people can offer to parties in tackling non-voter turnout and mistrust towards the institution. It shed light on existing best practices linked to democratic innovation and civic engagement.


Dan-Aria Sucuri
President of the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC)

Corina Pirvulescu
Author and Expert on Youth Participation

Jonathan Moskovic
Democratic Innovation Advisor, Parlement Francophone Bruxellois

Anne-Simone Badji
Programme Coordinator Youth Cohort, European Partnership for Democracy (EPD)


Panayiotis Kakolyris
Head of International Relations at the Konstantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy

Political Foundations as bridge builders between civil society and political actors

Photo © Camille Doyen & ENoP

This session explored the importance of building partnerships aimed at creating more inclusive and democratically resilient societies fit to face the challenges of a global and interconnected world. It reflected on the role that political foundations play in connecting civil society with political actors.


Jutta Urpilainen
European Commissioner for for International Partnerships


Cornelia Hildebrandt
Co-President of transform! europe

Maria João Rodrigues
President of the European Foundation of Progressive Studies (FEPS)

Laurent Standaert
Political Director of the Green European Foundation

Peter Hefele
Policy Director of the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies


Mana Livardjani
Executive Director, the European Network of Political Foundations



We had the great pleasure of speaking to some of the ENoP Forum speakers following the event. Explore the series of interviews below:

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