Event Reports 13/04/2019

Africa Day 2019

The Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) organises once a year the biggest event in the Netherlands on Africa and international cooperation. On 13 April 2019, ENoP participated in this event by organising a panel discussion on the support for women to be more engaged in political parties in Morocco and Benin. This was an opportunity to present the project “Get involved! Women empowerment in Morocco and Benin” in which ENoP is a partner.

This event was centred around the theme of migration from an African perspective, focusing on the challenges that Africans who migrate to Europe face. The event was intended to discuss several questions related to the lives of migrants and the experiences of African migrants. This conference brought together politicians, scientists, and NGOs to have these important conversations and debates about a fairer approach to migration. The event began with a general discussion about migration and mobility, specifically how humanity and mobility are connected since humans have been migrating to places for centuries. Participants also discussed the ways that migration can become more normalised, as there really isn’t anything wrong with migration. In addition, attendees discussed the need for development to be fair and honest, which requires a stronger relationship between Africa and the EU; this stronger relationship needs to include fair access to markets and legal manners for migration. The event also included workshops in which participants discussed the need to recognize the contributions that the African diaspora have made to their country of origin’s development efforts. Another important workshop that took place was about initiatives for a healthier Africa, in which 3 candidates presented their projects that are designed to improve Africa; one candidate at the end of the day was awarded a grant to implement their project. This event also included cultural programs for participants to learn more about African culture, as well as a space for attendees to learn more about the projects that NGO’s conduct in Africa.

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