Event Reports 16/09/2022

Democracy in an Era of Geopolitics

The 2022 edition of International Democracy Week took place in a hybrid format on 14-16 September around the theme Democracy in an Era of Geopolitics’.

2021 was a year of further democratic backsliding in many countries worldwide. Seventy percent of the world’s population now live in either outright non-democratic regimes or democratically backsliding countries, compared to forty-six percent ten years ago. During this year’s Democracy Day discussions, a wide range of high-level speakers, international democracy advocates, and activists from both sides of the Atlantic and the Global South addressed the challenges of this new world order for democracy. They discussed the mechanisms to protect and support democracy, such as Team Europe, and the potential for greater North-South collaboration.

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Hybrid Threats to Democracy

With the urgency to stand for democracy, the ENoP session explored the non-military notion of ‘’hybrid threats to democracy’’. It brought a variety of representatives from the EU institutions and experts from political foundations and their partners to discuss how to respond to disinformation threats and foreign election interventions. It also look into our role as political foundations in empowering civil society and political actors in facing such realities, and discussed the role of China and Russia in this new geopolitical context.

Speakers included: Lutz Güllner, Head of Division Strategic Communication, Task Force and Information Analysis (SG.STRAT.2), EEAS; Ivana Karásková, Founder and Leader of MapInfluenCE and China Observers in Central and Eastern Europe (CHOICE); Lisa Gürth, Deputy Director of Russia Programme, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES); and Milan Jovanović, Analyst at Digital Forensic Centre, Montenegro. The session was moderated by Milosz Hodun, ENoP Steering Committee Member, Projekt: Polska.

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