Event Reports 24/05/2022

EU Team Europe Approach Thematic Discussion

On 24 May 2022 ENoP members were joined by Laura Bretea, Policy Officer Democracy, DG INTPA, for ENoP's Annual Thematic Discussion on EU Team Europe Approach – Improving Effectiveness and Impact of Worldwide Democracy Support.

Beyond bringing more clarity on the new Team Europe Democracy Initiative, the meeting was an opportunity to present a number of ENoP recommendations aimed at contributing to the means of consolidation of democratic life and structures in partner-countries.

Photo © ENoP

The main points of discussion were:

  • Current status of the Team Europe Democracy Initiative
  • Main target countries and selection criteria
  • The role of European Political Foundations to implement the Initiative in Brussels and in selected countries
  • Thematic areas  in which political foundations can bring in an added value
  • Next steps/roadmap for the Initiative

ENoP Recommendations on the Team Europe Initiative

ENoP offers a set of recommendations to democracy stakeholders and the EU, that aim to improve the effectiveness and impact of democracy support worldwide. They highlight the importance of implementing an inclusive multi-actor approach when designing democracy-related actions.
Some of the key areas covered by the paper include:
  • Democratic awareness-building and civic education
  • Strengthening of the interaction between civil society and political institutions
  • Applying a joint European approach to democracy support actions
  • Inclusion of “Democracy Development/Democracy Consolidation country strategies
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