Event Reports 03/06/2019

EU Project Public Launch

This conference was held to mark the official launch of ENoP’s new EU co-funded project, which is intended to strengthen ENoP as an actor in its support of democratic and pluralistic societies. The ENoP Coordinator Cornelia Hoffman discussed her excitement about the official start of the project and is pleased with the ambitious goals that ENoP has set out to achieve. The EU Commission’s Head Of Unit A6 Civil Society Organisations was also present at the conference, and she spoke about how excited she was to have signed this agreement with ENoP, as it is important in her mind to create strong partnerships for the implementation of SDGs and for working toward protecting democratic principles. She also highlighted ENoP’s crucial role in this process, as well as how ENoP and political foundations are a key part of civil society that can assist with engagement with political actors.

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