News 25/10/2022

New Working Group Democracy Co-Chair

We have the pleasure of welcoming ENoP's newest Working Group Democracy Co-Chair: Stella V.Grahek from Društvo Progresiva, Slovenia. 

Currently the President of the Supervisory Board of Društvo Progresiva, Stella has been actively engaged indifferent youth organisations as well as students associations in Slovenia. On international level, she was co-coordinator of Feminist Network within IFM-SEI for 3 years.

“Due to my interest in topics such as democracy, active citizenship, inclusion, and participation in both non-formal (work in non-governmental organisations, participating in and leading many projects on the before-mentioned topics) and formal (my Bachelor’s degree) areas, I believe the position of Co-Chair of the Working Group Democracy will allow me to pursue work on these topics even further. My wish is to engage more people and organisations in this Working Group and to take its projects further. I also plan to work on bringing the values of the Working Group Democracy closer to younger people and with that urge them to become active citizens. My belief is that young people and people in general are not educated enough on the topics of democracy. 

With that said, I think it's crucial that we build bridges between decision-makers and civil society and all that goes with it; as so my wish is to produce projects, discussions, round tables, activities etc. with the purpose of providing a space for broadening our horizons, joint search for solutions to global problems and have people around them with whom they can share experience, exchange knowledge and connect for the future.”

Stella V. GrahekWorking Group Democracy Co-Chair

About ENoP's Working Groups

The Working Groups deliberate regularly and provide recommendations to the institutions of the European Union and to decision-makers at national level. The platform helps political foundations exchange expertise among themselves; with their local partners, and offers an opportunity for a “structured dialogue” with the European Institutions. As a result, ENoP and its members are fit to formulate concrete policies and actions that help the EU identify and attain its goals in democracy and sustainable development in a more coherent manner.

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