Event Reports 30/10/2019

Where Are Women’s Rights on the Agenda of Democratic Movements?

The conference discussed the importance of getting women involved in democratic movements and getting more women to be part of political institutions. In addition, the event discussed how democratic movements need to involve more women in them as policies need to be made to protect their rights that are being infringed upon.

The event was split into three sessions. The first session was about finding problems and sharing experiences regarding sexist practices and harassment issues that women experience. They discussed how policies need to be made to make real progress toward achieving gender equality. The second session discussed what obstacles stand in the way of achieving gender equality. They talked about how improvements have been made but there is still much work to be done. The third session was a discussion about how equality is an important component of social progress. The session also talked about positive experiences and progress already achieved on gender equality.

The conference was organised and hosted by ENoP Member Fondation Gabriel Péri (France), in parternship with EuroMed Feminist Initiative and the support of the City of Paris. ENoP supported the event and further contributed with a speaker (Mana Livardjani, ENoP Executive Director) who took part in the session on Equality as an intrinsic component of social progress. Positive experiences and progress.

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