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The Heinrich Böll Foundation is part of the Green political movement that has been developed worldwide as a response to the traditional politics of socialism, liberalism, and conservatism. Its main tenets are ecology and sustainability, democracy and human rights, self-determination and justice. The foundation places particular emphasis on gender democracy, meaning social emancipation and equal rights for women and men. It is also committed to equal rights for cultural and ethnic minorities and to the societal and political participation of immigrants. Finally, we promote non-violence and proactive peace policies.
To achieve its goals, hbs seeks for strategic partnerships with others who share its values. it is an independent organisation, that is, it determines its own priorities and policies.

It is based in the Federal Republic of Germany, yet it is an international actor in both ideal and practical terms.

Its namesake, the writer and Nobel Prize laureate Heinrich Böll, personifies the values it stands for: defense of freedom, civic courage, tolerance, open debate, and the valuation of art and culture as independent spheres of thought and action.