28 October 128
11257 Athens
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The Green Institute for Research and Documentation is a scientific,
not-for-profit and non-governmental organisation in Greece. The Institute was established
after an initiative taken by the Greek Green Party “Oikologoi Prasinoi”
[Ecologist Greens] in order to promote research and political documentation
on issues related to the political ecology. The initial idea was to create an
Institution in order to foster not only the political dialogue on issues related to
the Political Ecology and the green movement, but further support and
promote the democratic values and cooperation.

The Green Institute’s administrative structure composes of two bodies: the
General Assembly of the Partners and the Board of Directors/ Executive
Council. The first body sets forward on an annual basis the main directions of
the Institute and elects the members of the Board of Directors. The latter,
which consists of 5 members, coordinates and supervises all issue related to
the Institute. The National Council of the Ecologists Greens of the green party
of Greece votes in the Board Members and recommends them to the General
Assembly of the Partners every two year.

The central aim of the Institute, as it was shortly described above, is the
research and documentation on the physical and human-made environment, the
society, the economy and politics from the political ecology perspective.
Furthermore, the promotion of human rights, democratic values, non-violence
action, and cooperation remain to the core of its agenda.

Τhere is a broad range of activities that Green Institute undertakes in order to
fulfill its main objectives. Among others, it focuses on the following:
– Promotion of education and training (seminars, etc)
– Promotion of political dialogue and public awareness (conferences,
debates, exhibitions etc)
– Monitoring, studying, analysing and making recommendations from the
Political Ecology perspective
– Research and documentation on issues related to political ecology
– Publications
– Local and international Networking