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+39 06 68 13 58 24
Transform! Italia is a project founded on the initiative of groups and collective research, intellectuals and scholars, activists and trade unions movement, academics and individuals from different experiences of political, social and cultural. The establishment and development of competing individuals, experiences and cultures. The respect and the free expression of that diversity and dialogue and comparison between different proposals and form a hypothesis and a permanent practice of the life of the Association, that the development of this dialogue and that confrontation will lead to that ‘theoretical innovation which is unanimously recognized the urgent need in the current historical stage. Transform! Italia came in particular from the awareness that the building up of a new European political space, within the broader process of globalization, now poses a transnational dimension and Europe in particular how the land to be essential to adapt the research and the political and social. Of the task is therefore to encourage the participation of cultural criticism in the Italian political and cultural debate internationally to foster relations between it and the experiences of other countries, to help and promote trade, meetings and projects. Transform! Italy is considered a research lab inside the movement against neoliberal globalization and the war and is an actor of the development process of the Social Forum in Italian, European and world economy.