Under the slogan “Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future” the year 2015 has been declared as the European Year for Development (2015EYD). The aim of the EYD2015 is to raise the awareness of European citizens for the interconnectedness of our world. Today, what happens in Europe has a direct influence on countries…

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The European Network of Political Foundations together with the European Partnership for Democracy organised an interactive panel during the EDD15 on 4 June 2015.Read more

To mark the UN International Day of Democracy, democracy practitioners from the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), the European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP), International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) and the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), together with EU policy makers shared approaches to supporting democratisation processes and reflect on…

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The expert roundtable united representatives from the Foreign Ministry, the Parliament and Maltese Non-Governmental organisations, who got into a discussion with ENoP members from Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Malta and Greece. ENoP members presented its policy recommendations addressed to EU institutions on the future of EU-Africa relations. The four chapters…

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Policy Coherence for Development (PCD), as enshrined in Article 208 of the Lisbon Treaty, stresses the importance of taking into account development cooperation objectives when implementing EU policies. This concerns policies in areas such as trade, agriculture, energy and migration. Even though the implicitness of PCD is largely acknowledged among decision-makers and institutional mechanisms have been set up, incoherent policies still exist and some of the EU’s policies have an undermining effect on its development policy. The existing institutional mechanisms, such as the European Commission’s report on PCD do not seem to have had sufficient impact. To enforce the concept of PCD, political will across the party spectrum would be needed.Read more

22/08/2013: Defying the crisis

The ENoP Public Conference on the topic “Defying the crisis - Impulses for active European Citizenship” brought together actors from different backgrounds in order to identify and discuss how to react to the remaining challenges of European citizenship. The conference also aimed at reflecting on the particular role of political foundations in addressing the outlined challenges. The event united around 60 participants from 11 different European countries. It was organized by ENoP with the input of the ENoP working group “Citizenship” in the framework of the EU 2013 Year of the European Citizen.Read more